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Welcome to Student Life


Get involved! Make a Difference!


District Student Trustee


Student Trustee Election

  • Serves on the District Governing Board, representing students' needs and interests.
  • Chairs the monthly Student Trustee Advisory Council meetings.
  • Attends state and regional leadership trainings/conferences.

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LMCAS Student Government


LMCAS Election


Learn about fundraising, running effective meetings, running elections, and so much more.


Develop relationships that will last a lifetime and further your chances for transfer through scholarships and student recognition.


Email John Nguyen for more information.



Election Results





Clubs & Organizations


Los Medanos College offers a range of extracurricular activities that provide recreation, entertainment, and other opportunities to get involved with the community and other students.


The Office of Student Life provides a variety of resources and publications to support student involvement in clubs and organizations.


View a list of our clubs to see what is available or learn about starting your own club.


Email Teresea Archaga for more information


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